How Much Do You Love Me?

Year: 2006
Director: Bertrand Blier
Writer: Bertrand Blier
Cast: Monica Bellucci, Gerard Depardieu
All right, I completely admit I went to see this movie because of the number of times I thought I'd see Monica Bellucci naked or making love, and I wasn't too disappointed.

The film itself was less impactful. A loser and dolt falls for a hooker in the window of a brothel and tells her he's won the lottery, asking if he can pay her to live with him and be his girlfriend.

From that seemingly innocuous set-up we get a convoluted and mind-bending cacophony of characters and situations, from the guy's doctor best friend to the gentleman thug (Depardieu) who's apparently her pimp and might have been her husband as well.

The scenes jump to other places with no rhyme or reason, and I guessed about three quarters of the way through that the staging was actually descriptive, and what was going on was the way certain characters felt about or saw the situation.

Too bizarre to make sense and unsatisfying as a whole, but worth it for a split second glimpse of the woman with enough darkness, grace, beauty and sex appeal for an entire Hollywood party full of bimbo starlets.

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