Like Water for Chocolate

Everyone should see this sweet and beautiful fable of magical powers and romance. It's an exercise in giving a film texture and sensuality.

As the last girl in the family, Tita is destined to spend her life at home looking after her cruel mother as she ages.

Watching her other sisters leave home for the sake of love, adventure, revolution and more is breaking her heart, and Tita - a wondrous cook - has the magical ability for her mood to affect those around her. When he tears of sadness drip into an unfinished recipe the guests at the table are all stricken with melancholy. When she's turned on, the feast turns into a near-orgy.

The perfect blend of fantasy and drama, done a little roughly for a presumably very low budget, but it's a classic example of the story being so powerful it breaks out of every constraint. Hard to believe El Guapo from The Three Amigos is the man behind it.

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