One of those stories that promises twists and turns all the way, and for that reason one of my favourite kinds of movie, and despite a few stumbles and shortcomings, it's mostly interesting.

A group of conmen led by Jake (Burns) have some scams going that they make a good living from, until one of them turns up dead after they've conned the wrong guy - a fearsome mob boss (Hoffman).

They have to carry out the mother of all cons to pay him back (of course), and into the mix is a foxy mink (Weisz) who stirs up the male hormones.

Hoffman only really has one good scene, and Burns, while he has some charisma, tries too hard at times. The story doesn't goo too far off track for you to follow although Andy garcia's part (as a customs agent) isn't altogether clear, and like McTiernan's Basic, Confidence could probably do with a few repeat viewings.

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