Connie and Carla

Mildly amusing, lightweight fluff you can take or leave. Two lounge cabaret singers who still dream of making it big witness the mob killing their boss and go on the run to LA, hiding as drag queens among the local gay community to stay under cover. They start performing at a bar and make the show a hit, make friends with the local transvestites, and in Connie's case, fall in love with the brother (Duchovny) of one of their friends who's trying to reconnect with his family.

The needle never flicks far from the middle towards laugh or cry, and you wonder why anyone bothered. In Collette's case, she's capable (and powerful enough in Hollywood) of much more. In Vardalos' case, she's had her TV series fail dramatically in the US, and while this was no deeper than My Big Fat Greek Wedding, she's dangling over the pit of mediocrity.

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