Cool World

Before Who Framed Roger Rabbit there was a lower, meaner and dirtier live action/animation extravaganza.

After a mystifying and ultimately pointless opening sequence, we're introduced to Cool World, a parallel universe populated by doodles (cartoon characters), created by humans for comic books.

When a comic artist (Byrne) stumbles across this alternate reality, he falls for his own creation, Holly (Basigner) but has to thwart a human detective living in Cool World (Pitt, long before his A list status).

Holly has an ulterior motive in seducing her creator - doodles (or noids) aren't allowed to have sex with humans - just what Holly wants to do to enter the human world fully.

A weird and simple story is the setup for some great sequences and an oddball mix of characters from both universes (which was expanded upon in Roger Rabbit) interacting.

Featured Basinger in her sex symbol heyday and one of the best film soundtracks ever.

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