Cop Land

Pre-release hype claimed that Stallone out-acts some of the masters of the craft like Keitel and De Niro. He doesn't.

But he still gives one of his best performances - aided by a very tight script and a good characterisation by Mangold. He very convincingly plays the sad sack rotund New Jersey police sheriff who oversees a small town across the river from New York, populated by big city cops. They're hopelessly corrupt and Freddy's (Stallone) been used to turing a blind eye not only to their activities but their contempt of him for a long time.

Something will have to give, and despite a fairly routine story and an expected, High Noon-style climax, it's made better than it might otherwise have been by some stellar support acts, including De Niro as the everyman IA investigator who may have found his greatest asset.

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