The Core

The trailers promised another movie in the world-beating tradition of Independence Day, Deep Impact and other global destruction sci fi thrillers.

Disappointingly, we got all the CG money shots in the trailer. The rest of the running time was filled with a troupe of barely three dimensional characters, barely engaging drama and what looked like a medieval vibrator sinking through a fruit trifle.

Scientists and the military discover that because of a superweapon test, the earth's core has stopped spinning. The projected natural disasters that promised huge and exciting visuals barely reached the screen before a team of cliched unlikely heroes has to board a drilling vessel developed to dive into the Earth's core, let off nuclear weapons and get it going again.

A bit more care than usual is taken to set up each character's backstory, and the whole thing isn't as corny as it could've been, but the endless whittling down of the cast to the final beautiful couple is a bit tiresome and if the trailer hadn't made it out to be something it wasn't it would have been as exciting and effective as those original CG-era disaster movies (only five years too late).

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