A few laughs but mostly a shambles of lazy acting and plotting and nowhere near the stellar heights of Priscilla (owing to it's being marketed as another comic dig at an Australian institution - in this case, lawn bowls).

Loser Jack (Molloy) is a member of the local bowling club only so he can park for free to go to work. When numbers are short and the club needs an extra bowler to win a tournament and hold off a hostile takeover by a rival club, they call on him.

A fish-out-of-water comedy ensues before the film and protagonist find their inevitable and predictable heart, getting the girl and vanquishing the villain with a nod to the great father/son symbioses of movies past, thanks to club captain Stan (Hunter).

The acting is mostly awful, the laughs are mostly forced, the plot is a meandering mess we haven't seen a million times, and all concerned should have stuck to stand up comedy or radio (with the exception of Bill Hunter, who might just have been desperate for another Muriel's Wedding).

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