The Craft

Year: 1996
Director: Andrew Fleming
Cast: Robin Tunney, Faruza Balk, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Christine Taylor, Cliff de Young
A little like Buffy except for there being no comic element, this is a pretty seamless blend of every teen movie fixture from Pretty In Pink to 90210 with a horror movie arc thrown in.

Faruza Balk, one of the most intriguingly named (and looking) and underrated actresses working today, is deliciously and sexily evil as the head of teenage witch coven that Sarah (Tunney) finds herself involved in when she makes friends with a strange group of girls at her new school.

She soon discovers they have the power of witchcraft, but that Nancy (Balk) has something of a power rush, smiting anyone who even so much as slights them with horrible and humiliating curses and spells.

When it gets too much for Sarah and she wants out of the evil quadrangle, Nancy starts to turn on her, and she has more than grades to worry about, having to use her own newly developed power to battle her adversaries.

It could have been campy or comic and been much sillier, but the fairly all-star cast treat it seriously and it has a fairly sexy mood that just makes it work.

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