Creature From the Black Lagoon

A bit more serious and not so campy as the other monster movies of the golden era. The makeup effects are also pretty astounding, even by today's standards. We can only guess at how hard it was to devise a creature suit that looks so real, is so well fitted, survived (presumably) hundreds of dunkings, provided for underwater breathing for the man in the suit and allowed for the right kind of movement. The old creature-wants-to-steal-the-leading-lady routine is the only corny aspect of the movie. Everything else, including the performances and characters, are pretty realistically played.

After finding a strange fossil in the Amazon jungle, a scientist calls for a team to find the rest of the creature, without knowing that one of them still lives nearby. A troup of square jawed heroes, a vivacious leading lady who manages to change outfits and redo her makeup and hair in every new scene despite floating down the Amazon river, a smart old scientist and the native boat driver find their way into the Black Lagoon, where they find startling evidence of a living amphibious humanoid - not the least because it keeps climbing onto their boat.

After numerous thrills and chills (some of the underwater ones genuinely creepy) they track the thing back to its lair and - in another 1950s hallmark - studiously go about killing it.

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