Year: 1985
Director: Dario Argento
Writer: Dario Argento
Cast: Jennifer Connelly
One of Dario Argento's most famous flicks partly because of the cross-cultural translation thanks to its American star.

You could already see the beauty and talent of Jennifer Connelly, who must have been no more than 16 here. And yes it sounds funny to talk about talent in a schlocky Italian bloodbath movie, but she can not only act, Argento and the script put her in some truly gross situations and she handles them all with poise and maturity far beyond her years as an actor at the time.

She plays a girl called Jennifer, the daughter of an absent father and famous film actor, shunted to an exclusive Swiss girl's school and forgotten about.

There's not only a serial killer on the loose, but Jennifer has apparently psychic powers that give her kinship with and thus control over insects. They seem to be ideas from two separate movies and never quite gel or mesh, and there's little apparent explanation for either.

Scripted and directed with the best of the 'spaghetti horror' genre, there's ambient early eighties rock music throughout and huge empty spaces with gloomy music and nothing else. The gore is of the duct tape and twine style and Connelly is really the only saving grace from the glorious cinematic hackwork.

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