Year: 1982
Director: George A Romero
Writer: Stephen King
Cast: Hal Holbrook, Ted Danson, Leslie Neilsen, Stephen King, Ed Harris
One of the scariest experiences I had watching videos as a kid (and before you laugh at me, I was only about 12. That monkey thing still haunts me to this day).

It was also a comic book movie before there was any such thing, based on horror comics the way so many summer blockbuster movies are based on comic book superheroes as I write this, employing many of the same sort of effects most directors fall over clumsily nowadays (note how every story starts and ends as the panel of a comic book).

Most directors don't know how to do it because Creepshow was done by two fanboys who love the genre (not two studio hacks trying to be cool) - George A Romero and Stephen King, who joined forces to produce, write, direct and occasionally act in it.

We meet a kid who loves horror comics but is sick of his Dad being so hard headed. He goes to bed on a stormy night and finds his hero from the horror comics he loves - The Creep - standing outside his window encouraging him to do evil.

But that's just the teaser. After that we launch into three stories of terror - much scarier than most of the crap Hollywood comes up with nowadays as horror fare (or is that just because I'm older now?)

I hardly remember Father's Day, except for something about a cake, but the two that really stuck with me were Something to Tide You Over and The Crate for pure fright.

It might not scare you too much if you're an adult, but if you're a twelve year old kid with a fascination but morbid fear for all things scary in movies who had to sit down the back of the lounge room and glimpse at the movie over the top of the lounge to get through it, it'll stay with you a long time.

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