Crocodile Hunter – Collision Course

A good/bad movie made to showcase everything Americans love about Steve Irwin and wrap it up in the sort of cheesy spy thriller they like to make.

Cutting continually between the Irwins trying to rescue a crocodile from a local ranger (Szubanski) and the CIA trying to hunt down a downed satellite, there's plenty of elbow room for espionage cliché's and Irwin's Crocodile Hunter persona.

With no idea they're trying to rescue the crocodile that's swallowed the satellite, Steve and Terri do what they do best - play with snakes, lizards and spiders and talk to the camera like Crocodile Dundee on crack.

There are genuinely funny parts - when the spies catch up to the Irwins and Steve continues his wide-eyed diatribe of the action to the camera the same way he would about a black snake in his hands. But all in all, you have to see it for what it is.

David Wenham must have been dreadfully embarrassed, and if he isn't, he should be.

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