Daddy Day Care

More of the thoroughly dependable and predictable PG-rated humour we expect from Eddie Murphy nowadays. There's plenty of unobtusive, inoffensive jokes, popular cultural jibes (like men being useless at looking after kids but being such lovable dolts trying, bless them), and at least 50% of the running time containing iron-clad kids movie fixtures (down to Anjelica Huston's 'wicked witch' school matron).

A stereotypical working father (Murphy) with no time for his toddler son hits on the idea of setting up a day care centre for the neighbourhood mothers. It looks like a major yawn, but the plot is driven along pretty deftly, and at least you're not sickened by the ineffectualness and totally bored (only the former). Steve Zahn and a big fat guy, along with Murphy's lead character, provide plenty of fodder for us to laugh at, but you have to be with a kid (or drag the kid in yourself indignantly to the surface) to really like it.

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