Damien: Omen II

Year: 1978
Director: Don Taylor
Cast: William Holden, Lee Grant, Lance Henriksen
The weakest in the series, with William Holden essentially taking up much the same role Gregory Peck did in the original.

Damien is now a teenager, too smart for his lecturers at school, coming into his own evil ways, and - most horribly of all for him - learning he's the Antichrist.

There was also a strong theme of animals, with both a Rottweiler and a raven assigned to be Damien's protectors and assassins, the closest thing he ever got to having sidekicks.

I don't remember much about the plot, except that it was much the same as the first one; some people who are apparent minions of Satan protect Damien from harm, others who come close to learning his true identity are despatched in grisly fashion.

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