Dante’s Peak

Year: 1997
Studio: Universal
Director: Roger Donaldson
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton
Part of the CGI disaster movie wave that swept the world (although a deceptive number of the effects are done with old-fashioned miniatures.

The effects are great, the story promises and deliver some big blasts (no pun intended), but the lovey-doveyness between hero Harry (Brosnan) and Rachel's (Hamilton) kids is just part of the schmaltz that keeps the script from being good too.

A grieving vulcanologist travels with is team to the cute town of Dante's Peak, which lives in the shadow of a massive and assumed-to-be dormant volcano.

Corny touches like nobody believing the hero until it's too late are a bit rich, but the action blisters along at an increasing rate as the titular mountain starts blowing its top and it's left to the hero to save the day.

It was a little weird seeing Brosnan in a film like this. He'd just started as James Bond, and it was very hard to stop telling yourself Harry Dalton could handle any situation like Bond could. His vulnerability and damage was too off kilter.

Among the most expensive movies ever made on it's release. Blink and you'll miss George Clooney writing collaborator grant Heslov as a member of Harry's team from the US Geological Survey.

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