Dark Blue

A cop thriller that could have been relegated to a murky straight to video existence if it wasn't for star performances and a certain edginess in the plot and setting.

It's the week before the Rodney King/LA riots of 1991, and a hardened cop - Eldon Perry - who lets his trigger finger dispense the justice (Kurt Russell) and his young partner (Scott Speedman) has just been let off a fatal shooting inquest.

At the same time, two goons hold up a convenience store and murder four people but make for the safe that shouldn't be there. We soon learn that the goons work for the highest authorities in the police force, who are running an extortion racket against LA's small-time gangsters.

The heroes start to question their dedication to a service that has so much to hide, and using his hardened technique, Perry has to get to the bottom of the corruption with his shaky faith in himself and his department (and his life) intact.

The climax descends into standard cop chase fare, but charismatic performances lift it above that level for most of the movie.

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