The Day After

Year: 1983
Studio: ABC Television
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Cast: Jason Robards, Steve Guttenberg, JoBeth Williams, John Lithgow, Amy Madigan
The film that defined a movement, ironically made for TV but it ended up getting a global theatrical release after people connected with it.

It looks at a small community in America's heartland when the event most of us considered inevitable during the 1980's happens – the Soviet Union and the United States launch nuclear war against each other.

Focusing on the lives of a handful of straggling survivors and the desolate wasteland they inherent, the horror actually builds past the arresting launch and attack sequences as things fall apart – literally, as victims exposed to fallout start to lose hair and body parts.

Only in this world, as things fall apart, no help is coming anymore. The scariest scene is Steve Guttenberg running out of the shelter after the daughter of the family he's hiding with – chasing her across white-blasted fields strewn with dead cattle.

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