The Day the Earth Stood Still

Year: 1951
Director: Robert Wise
Cast: Michael Rennie
One of the entries into popular culture that's by far outlived it's worth and who's reputation is far greater than it deserves to be.

From the halcyon days of 50's Soviet paranoia-inspired sci-fi comes what many consider the most outstanding example (also the creme de la creme of those world-beating, epic titles) as a UFO parks itself in the middle of Washington. Two figures emerge, the metallic bodyguard Gort and his humanoid master Klaatu, who comes bearing a warning for all mankind; lose your warrior ways or exterminate yourselves forever.

Klaatu escapes into the world at large and poses as an out of town visitor, befriending the kid at the boarding house he stays at and gauging reactions - everything from the terrified to the bigoted - of the natives.

There's a lot of dated sentiment and language, but it's a classic of the (sub) genre.

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