Sly lends his action 'charisma' to this homage to Earthquake and other 1970's high concept disaster films where the film was the title, in Hollywood's most recent crop of disaster films given new life by computer modelling.

He stars as a fallen hero among emergency services caused by a rescue gone wrong years before (as corny a 'past' as has ever been written into a mainstream script). When chemical contraband explodes while being snuck out of New York through the Lincoln tunnel, it incinerates almost everyone inside (except for the conveniently diverse crop of survivors), blocks both ends, causes leaks and threatens to bring the tunnel in like a matchstick house.

wwArmed with only a backpack full of explosives and the backing of every other role he's ever played, Stallone leads them to freedom after a series of episodic problems and sequences. At times eerily reminiscent of Universal Studios' 'Earthquake' ride, it's tense, exciting to watch and with great effects, but very formulaic.

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