Dead Heart

Year: 1996
Director: Nick Parsons
Writer: Nick Parsons
Cast: Bryan Brown, Ernie Dingo, Angie Milliken, Aaron Pedersen, John Jarratt, Anne Tenney, David Gulpilil, Marshall Napier
It's an interesting subject for a movie - we live in a modern country where the laws are absolute (and should) be when it comes to murder and assault, and yet it clashes with traditional laws of the people that were here before it became a modern, industrialised society, whose laws take precedence.

A young aboriginal man has a white lover, and when he conducts their affair on ground sacred to his people, he is ritually put to death by his elders.

To the Alice Springs cop investigating the matter, it's nothing but cold blooded murder, and the culture clash that results provides the dramatic conflict for the film.

It asks worthy questions and addresses something we don't often think about but which could mean the death of the old ways of aboriginal culture in the end.

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