Dead Man Walking

Year: 1995
Director: Tim Robbins
Writer: Tim Robbins
Cast: Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, R Lee Ermey
Sean Penn seemed to have a short career as a Hollywood bad boy in forgettable movies known more for punching out paparazzi photographers before everyone realised what a brilliant actor he is.

After repeatedly demanding he was quitting Hollywood, then just acting, but just as often tempted back on screen by directors like Oliver Stone and Tim Robbins.

And thank God. He's among the best actors alive today. And together with one of the best actresses alive, Dead Man Walking is a powerhouse of acting talent, where the effortless work of the leads carry the whole movie.

Sarandon is a nun who becomes the spiritual advisor to a convicted killer (Penn) on death row. We see inside both their souls through sensitive, realistic performance, and there's nothing more you can ask of actors and little more to say about the movie. You feel every joy and cry every tear.

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