Dead Poets Society

Very well done drama with a strong moral point - slightly melodramatic and sentimental but enough to grip your heart fairly effectively.

The day's pretty boy actors are collected together as the students of an Ivy League school where they live in a world of parental and authoritarian oppression until a charismatic English teacher (Williams, in one of his great dramatic roles), arrives and proves more rebellious than they're all trying to be.

With a nifty catchcry - carpe diem - he encourages them to find their free spirits and throw caution to the wind. A tragic suicide and his own ousting from the stiff collar fraternity of the school later, and the boys have all found what a lifetime of republican-mould school could never give them - their passion in life and freedom.

Nice, effectively portrayed and acted by Weir and while a bit emotionally heavy in one direction, enough to engage you.

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