Dead Snow

Year: 2009
Production Co: Euforia Film
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Writer: Tommy Wirkola

As the DVD cover says, zombies, Nazis and snow (not forgetting bungee jumping with intestines) – what could be cooler?

Actually a lot. Cinema is riddled with the corpses of horror films that were much better ideas than a ninety minute film could sustain and in which the joke subsequently ran out a little too early (Black Sheep) or way too early (Lesbian Vampire Killers). I once heard the phenomenon described as being a title in search of a movie.

Thankfully Dead Snow errs on the side of caution by not trying to be too overtly funny. It's actually (dare we say it for a movie about zombie Nazis) even a little scary.

A group of horny Norwegian medical students converge on a remote cabin in the mountains. Unbeknown to them, the area has a bloody history, when the occupying Germans slaughtered everyone in the local village to hoard their treasure during the Second World War. When they find and disturb a box of gold coins and valuable trinkets under the cabin, it brings about the reanimation of hordes of Nazi soldiers lying dead under the snow seeking vengeance for the molesting of their loot.

The rest of the film is a fairly generic chase/death-by-numbers thriller, but the premise is interesting enough to carry it along. As you'd expect, the liberal splashing of claret makes a stark contrast with the snowy backdrop and together with the black Nazi uniforms it gives the film a real visual flair.

Yes it's another tiresome zombie movie, but it's the best zombie Nazi movie you're likely to see.

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