Death to Smoochy

Year: 2002
Director: Danny DeVito
Cast: Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Danny DeVito, Catherine Keener, Vincent Schiavelli, Anthony Edwards
A black comedy set in the world of kids TV. Rainbow Randolph (Williams) is the world's biggest child's TV host and possibly the world's most corrupt - taking bribes from parents wanting their kid on his show.

When the FBI busts him, the network wants a squeaky clean replacement, and sends producer Nora (Keener) out to track him down fast.

When she brings Sheldon Mopes' (Norton) character Smoochy into the fold, she expects him to simply do his show and take part in the orgy of merchandising and product licensing, but Sheldon is more principled and wants to encourage the kids to eat vegetables instead of junk, love their parents instead of buy stuff.

And all the while, the disgraced Randolph plots his revenge in the background.

DeVito as shyster agent Bennett is brilliant, and the various kids charities that operate like mob outfits highlights the outstanding aspect of the film; the squeaky clean, innocent world of kids TV and the corruption and politics behind it.

A very sharp wit in the script and three great actors make an otherwise odd film great fun.

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