Deep Blue Sea

Action hero director Renny Harlin was hot property around the time of Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger.

How sad that stars fade so fast in Hollywood. By the time he'd turned out Cutthroat Island and Long Kiss Goodnight, opinion was turning against him, and even though Deep Blue Sea bought us more of the same over the top visuals, action and shocking violence his earlier work had, he was reviled for it.

In a very high concept plot, a group of giant sharks are kept penned in a floating laboratory complex in the middle of the ocean. They're being experimented on for chemicals that could cure Alzheimer's disease, and one weekend, with all but a skeleton staff on leave, their super-intelligence, giant size and vengeful meanness turns on their masters.

Plenty of terror, bloodshed and thrills, mostly effective ones. Not a bad movie in itself apart from its bad reputation and total lack of credibility. At times more like a video game than a film, but the performances are adequate, the action and tension non stop, and if you don't mind your movies too ridiculous, you'll enjoy it.

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