Delta Farce

Year: 2007
Production Co: Sleep Memots Productions
Director: CB Harding
Cast: Larry the Cable Guy, Keith David
Larry the Cable Guy just isn't very well known in Australia, otherwise this might have made a bigger splash.

Of course, it might just be that it's not terribly funny, taking a ho-hum, one-joke comic idea, plugging the holes in it full of lazy stereotypes and flabby jokes and then trying to give it serious – even ill-advisedly romantic – subplots.

Three loser army reservists expecting a weekend of boozing and goofing off around their barracks are suddenly press ganged into service by a brutal sergeant (the pistache of a million nasty comedy army sergeants) to fly to Iraq.

When the bozos go to sleep in a jeep aboard their transport and the plane goes through a storm, the jeep is the first thing to go when the plane's in trouble.

Landing in the middle of Mexico but thinking it's Iraq, they stumble from one screw-up to the next amid a lot of misfired gags about the US army being where it's not wanted.

Even the whole premise isn't enough to carry the rest of the film. By the time they discover the error halfway through they've ingratiated themselves into a turf way with the local bully gang (sounds familiar if you're old enough to remember The Three Amigos) and it's downhill from there. The nasty drill sergeant sings a duet with a gay gang member, the hero enjoys an implausible liaison with the stereotypical beautiful daughter of the elderly villager, and the whole thing falls into an unfunny heap.

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