Demon Seed

Year: 1977
Studio: MGM
Director: Donald Cammell
Producer: Herb Jaffe
Writer: Robert Jaffe/Roger O Hirson/Dean R Koontz
Cast: Julie Christie, Fritz Weaver

I watched this movie after enjoying Dean Koontz's book and enjoyed the pre- Star Wars sci-fi aesthetic, similar in tone to some of the better 'just beyond the modern era' earth-bound sci-fi films like The Andromeda Strain.

A scientist (Weaver) is breaking up with his wife at the same time his greatest achievement goes online, a supercomputer AI system. The only external terminal to access the system (in the pre-internet says) is in his house, and after he packs up and leaves for the last time his winsome wife (Christie) is left alone.

The system, 'Jacob', takes a shine to her for reasons never quite explained, except that with self awareness comes a desire to replicate itself. So the ultimate in creepy horror situations ensues, as the computer uses the various robots employed in the household top imprison the girl inside, intending to impregnate her to bear its offspring.

There's little violence, swearing or blood, but as a horror concept it's a very strong one. The approach is (somewhat necessarily) dated and it would be just ripe for a remake every ten years as ideas from computers to robotics to AI evolve from one scientific and engineering epoch to the next.

As a subgenre, it cleverly buries the Prometheus myth origins (the same that gave us everything from Frankenstein to The Terminator) under a cool, calculating tone.

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