Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Year: 1999
Director: Mike Mitchell
Writer: Rob Schneider
Cast: Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin
The one interesting part of this travesty is that the writer and director have touched upon the formula that was the Farrelly brothers' domain for a long time.

It isn't afraid to show people who are different for whatever reason and challenge us to realise they deserve happiness too, no matter what physical abnormality they might have.

Of course, it's not primarily concerned with that, but with making you sick (or laugh if you're a simple-minded 13 year old boy) as it depicts the accidental life of manwhore Deuce (Schneider), taken under the wing of pimp TJ (Griffin) and put to work in place of a European prostidude whose place he's accidentally trashed.

Puerile and revolting, mildly amusing in parts, part of the inevitable career path of a 'comic' personality having graduated from Saturday Night Live (they all go the same way - it's as hard to imagine Rob Schneider accepting an Oscar in 20 years time as it was imagining Bill Murray doing so around the time of Meatballs, but everyone expected him to for Lost in Translation).

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