Year: 2004
Production Co: Dynamic Productions
Director: Hiroyuki Nasu
All the reason you need about why anime works, live action works, but the two should never coincide (except in the case of Dot and the Kangaroo or The Water Babies).

The nuances, dialogue, styles and moods of anime are all here, but in live action actors they look ridiculous, laughable and embarrassing. And when the hero gets done up in his effects make-up he looks like a cross between a Mardi Gra drag queen and Robocop.

Adapted from the comic of the same name, it's about two school friends, both enigmatic (read; emo), all baleful stares and long hair. One of the boys' fathers has been on an expedition to Antarctica or somewhere and unleashed demons from some portal.

So they walk into the completely unprotected lab where these creatures are captive, let them out, and turn into anime characters themselves, locked in eternal combat with other demons, each other and dialogue so bad it almost makes your ears bleed.

With a few more million in the effects budget and a few more passes of the script by a professional screenwriter it might have at least been interesting.

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