Dick Tracy

Year: 1990
Director: Warren Beatty
Writer: Chester Gould
Cast: Warren Beatty, Glenne Headley, Madonna, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Sorvino, William Forsythe, Charles Durning, Kathy Bates, Dick Van Dyke, Catherine O'Hara, Henry Silva, James Caan, Colm Meaney, Michael J Pollard
Undoubtedly green lit after the studios saw what a smash Batman had been a year later, it was virtually the same formula; take a 30s/40s comic strip hero, give the movie the same outlandish visuals, attach a famous rock star to give cred to the soundtrack and encourage the same sort of tent-pole licensing response.

I can't even remember now why I (and most of the world) didn't like it. It was full of famous faces and life and colour (in fact, the decision was made to film in only a small palette of primary colours to make it look more like a comic strip).

Taking every bad guy from the old comic and jamming them into a jumble of a plot long lost in memory, it was pretty true to its origins but just didn't have that spark.

Or maybe it was just Madonna's typically appalling performance.

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