Year: 2005
Director: Chris Fisher
Writer: Chris Fisher
Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr, Clifton Collins Jr, Cole Hauser, Keith David
It's so good to see Cuba Gooding Jr in the role he plays in this film, you can forgive it almost any shortcomings, and there really aren't any except for the bizarre, fantasy-like ending.

After giving energetic but empty-headed performances in tat like Snow Dogs and The Fighting Temptations, to see him play this kind of (admittedly stereotypical) black character was a breath of fresh air. He plays is a corrupt cop and a gang-bangin' ass homie from the hood looking to hook up big through a local hood who's hit the big time and promises to line him up a good score.

His partner Armando (Collins Jr) is a former gangster turned good, and he wants nothing to do with the dirty dealings his partner's determined to involve them both into along with the even filthier Lieutenant (Hauser). As they get deeper into trouble and the pair desperately try to cover it up, more bloodshed and the enemies in their wake before it gets too big for either of them to deal with.

Gooding Jr is all angry swagger and a threatening figure, his cheesy grin turned to delightful malevolence for the first time in ages - if ever.

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