Disco Pigs

A bizarre movie about two baby born at the same time, neither of whom feel (from the moment they're born) to fit into the world, and who connect only to each other, obsessed about each others company to the time they're 17, when the story is set.

Pig (Murphy, much younger than he was in 28 Days Later) and Runt (Cassidy) speak their own language, live in their own world and have no time for what they see as the senselessness and idiocy of the world around them.

In a nutshell, growing up, being attracted to boys, their parents deciding that separating them is the best thing, etc. all converge to tear their relationship down the middle, Runt seeming to react with mild trepidation at the new world around her (personified by the boy she likes and the friend she makes at boarding school), whereas Pig responds with fear at the loss of control, anger and violence. Everything comes to a head when Pig's antisocial tantrums of destruction extend to murder, when he gleefully caves in the head of the boy Runt is dancing with an ashtray.

It's a modern fable but not a very interesting movie. While Murphy gives the character of Pig everything he has, the faux-Rastafarian accent is a bit hard to take seriously.

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