Dog Soldiers

The darling of the British indie set for the year pretty much deserves the praise heaped on it by it's most vocal champion, UK Total Film.

Dog Soldiers is told with the same spirit the Spierig brothers later tried to infuse into Undead - an homage to ultragory schlock horror of the 70s, with just enough camp to underline the inherent fun of the genre.

A platoon of soldiers in the Scottish wilderness are interrupted on wargame exercises by the remains of another company and its lone survivor, a cruel captain who keeps warning of 'them' coming back.

Finding their way to a deserted farmhouse with the help of the handy and cute heroine, they're descended upon by werewolves, who lay siege to the house overnight, picking them off one by one, Alien style.

A cracking script, very cool camerawork and low budget energy (to say nothing of the low budget production) make it the sort of film that puts the old style fun back into horror, before the 1990s reinvented horror as homicidal maniacs and psychological mind games.

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