Year: 1987
Director: Stuart Gordon
Not quite cheap and tatty enough to be cult, I think this film was destined for a big theatrical release, but went straight to video somewhat unfairly.

Don't get me wrong, it's not great, but it's professionally and slickly produced; the acting is good, the horror is bloodthirsty and the whole movie isn't winking over it's shoulder at you.

A collection of people converge on a huge house on a dark stormy night where the friendly old couple who live there make kids' dolls. But - as the tagline says and for seemingly no reason - they walk, they talk, they kill. And they do with malevolent glee, bumping off the inhabitants of the house one after the other in a variety of crazy and genuinely scary ways in order to punish each transgressor for the bad skeletons in their closet.

Had the guy who played cop Duffy in Robocop 2 who met a nasty end at the hands of Cain.

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