Domestic Disturbance

When Vince Vaughan came on the scene (most notably in indie Swingers), a lot of press touted him as a hot new actor in the vein of Gary Oldman or Tim Roth. But somewhere between The Lost World, Psycho, and now this, he's settled into the slot of a B grade supporting player in ineffectual mainstream movies.

He plays a former conman who assumes a new identity in a small town to hide from shady associate (Buscemi). His new wife's (Polo) son sees the inevitable murder and cover-up and is terrorised into keeping his mouth shut so everyone thinks he's just rebelling against his new family arrangement. Enter hero (Travolta) as the Dad who's the only one the kid never lies to.

A by-numbers plot ensues leading to a thoroughly predictable climax. A good performance by the kid, but big (and upcoming) names such as Travolta and Polo should have steered clear of such a clichéd project.

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