Door in the Floor

Year: 2005
Studio: Focus Features
Director: Tod Williams
Writer: Tod Williams
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Mimi Rogers, Jon Foster, Elle Fanning, Bijou Phillips
Two of Hollywood's most durable and understated talents join a talent on the rise in this adaptation of the first act of John Irving's novel Widow For one Year.

Successful children's author Ted (Bridges) is increasingly distant from his irreparably tortured wife Marion (Basinger) after the death of their two sons in an accident. He asks that they separate, whereupon the two will alternate between their rambling house and small town apartment and caring for their young daughter.

At the same time, Ted takes in a writing intern for the summer months (Foster), who finds himself in the middle of a heartbreaking tug of war of emotions between the two, and who will deeply affect them in turn.

It's a slow moving but emotionally lush tale, with steady and classy performances by all involved and a dreamy mindscape where you can feel every nuance of hurt and heartbreak as all three primary characters try to make sense of or escape from their worlds.

Chock full of themes about love, loss and childhood, it something of a chick flick but if you can appreciate the subtlety of performance and honest writing about a harsh subject, you'll find it affecting and moving.

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