Double Impact

Year: 1991
Director: Sheldon Lettich
Writer: Sheldon Lettich/Jean Claude Van Damme
Cast: Jean Claude Van Damme, Geoffrey Lewis
This is Jean Claude Van Damme at his peak, long before he was a gossip rag laughing stock, his biggest gig in years set to be the Belgian Big Brother.

He plays twin brothers Alex and Chad, separated at birth by an Asian mob hit in Hong Kong on their parents. One of them grows up in Asia, a tough guy smuggler and bootlegger, the other goes to LA with their consigliore it man Frank (Lewis) and grows up with a cushy existence as a pampered LA personal trainer in black silk underwear.

When the thug who murdered their parents resurfaces, Frank brings them back together to exact revenge, and Van Damme does what he does best in both roles, kicks all the bad guys arses with Schwarzenegger quips, rollicking action and some very cool set pieces.

Great guilty fun from a martial arts star who ended up taking himself too seriously and insisting on being the star of the show too long - long after everybody realised what a shocking actor he was.

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