Dr Dolittle

Along with The Nutty Professor, this is the film that put Eddie Murphy back on the Hollywood map after his star gradually faded post Beverly Hills Cop.

It was a great idea in hindsight; not many people know the actual Dr Dolittle story as much as other classic fairytales rehashed into Hollywood movies for kids, so it was really a one-line pitch; a doctor who can talk to animals.

When John Dolittle (Murphy) partner in a doctor's office, is on the cusp of a lucrative pharmaceutical company deal to take over his surgery, he is struck with the incredible ability to talk to animals, a latent talent he's had all his life and which he's never let out.

The movie deals with a very predictable story arc from there; animals learn of his talents come from far and wide to be cured, his family, co-workers and rich new potential partners think he's coming increasingly unhinged, and his new talent teaches him about love, caring for the little guy and being on the right path.

Cute and funny when it plumbs the depths of the joke adequately, other than that it doesn't have anything all the other kids comedies don't have (other than an impressive array of voice talent).

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