Dr Strangelove

Fairly biting satire (probably more so in its time - a bit diluted today) of the Cold War establishment with Peter Sellers moving right away from his Goons roots (and showcasing his talent) by playing three different parts, all of them convincingly.

A good premise - of the fallibility of the US defence system which mistakenly send a bombing group to destroy Moscow - nice touches like Pickens' cowboy hero persona - even to the point of plunging to his own death astride a nuclear missile. Several classic scenes and characters, among them George C Scott's red menace-fearing General and Sellers' "Don't you think I'm upset, Dmitri?" phone call with the drunk Russian Premier.

Released at the same time as Failsafe (almost identical plot - sans satire) by the same studio, which resulted in legal action by Kubrick. The studio agreed to throw all their marketing weight behind Strangelove and Failsafe subsequently bombed.

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