A surprise from both Costner and Shadyac. Known respectively for a long list of crappy sports and schmatzly love stories and Jim Carrey no-brainers, both bring something tense, moving and real to a great story.

Joe Darrow (Costner) and his wife Emily are doctors. On a mercy mission in a Venezualen village, Emily dies in a bus crash.

Six months on, Joe has thrown himself into work to avoid saying goodbye to her and grieving properly - something everyone blames his condition on when he starts to see weird things that convince him Emily is trying to contact him from beyond the grave.

The tension builds thanks to some genuine frights, and if there is one criticism of the film, it's that the plot lets go of all the fear and tension to become an adventure story when Darrow embarks on his climactic quest for the truth.

Excellent writing with clues peppered throughout the story that lead to a huge and satisfying twist - you'll kick yourself for not seeing it sooner.

Costner's performance reminds you why he became a star in the first place, Bates and the other supporters finely bolster the drama, and it goes to show what can be done with a good idea and no special effects or gore in the horror genre.

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