Year: 1996
Director: Rob Cohen
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery, Dina Meyer, David Thewlis, Jason Isaacs, Pete Postlethwaite
One of the first movies not only to use CGI well but to make good on its unspoken promise to make a movie better.

Unlike most of the movies that are still propped up by CG budgets and little else, it has a story that provides a solid foundation for the thrills. Quaid is middle ages dragonslayer Bowen, feeling betrayed by the dragon race in his youth and dedicated to use his skills as a mercenary knight to hunt them all down.

In pursuing the final dragon alive, Draco (voiced by Connery), the two hit upon the lucrative idea of having Draco terrorise a village only for Bowen to ride in and pretend to slay the beast for money, the pair moving on to the next town and getting rich in the process.

But a dark threat looms in the evil king (Thewlis at his snivelling and weedy best) whose life is inextricably linked to Draco's, and the pair soon find themselves up against the corrupt king in a fight to the death.

Cohen's ironically one of those directors relying too much on effects nowadays and wasting his time on empty, MTV-style action movies like the passable xXx and the dreadful Stealth. But he uses the tools of the trade here to great effect.

Every aspect of the visual and sound design was breathtaking on the big screen, and together with a genuinely good story and pretty good script, it would be just as entertaining on video.

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