Year: 2003
Production Co: Castle Rock
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Producer: Lawrence Kasdan
Writer: Lawrence Kasdan/Stephen King
Cast: Morgan Freeman, Tom Sizemore, Damian Lewis, Jason Lee, Thomas Jane, Timothy Olyphant, Donnie Wahlberg
Four adult friends go on their annual hunting trip in a remote cabin in the midst of an alien invasion that was forseen years before by their childhood friend, a retarded kid from their hometown.

Sound bizarre? In Stephen King's novel, there's a lot more to it than that. The finer points of the story made it among his best, but their absence renders this movie another failed King adaptation, reducing it to confusing, silly and at times embarrassing tripe. Actors of the calibre of Morgan Freeman, Jason Lee and Damian Lewis should be appropriately ashamed.

The effects and characters aren't bad, but the subplots and nuances of character linking the four men, the chilling army general and his sidekick that kept the book whole just don't work in this travesty.

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