The Dreamers

Year: 2003
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Cast: Michael Pitt, Eva Green
The last (and only) film of Bertolucci's I ever saw was Stealing Beauty (apart from watching half of the staggeringly dull Last Emperor, another set design in search of a plot).

And I enjoyed the flavour he generated about the bohemian life of Tuscany so much I knew when The Dreamers came out I wanted to see it.

If you watch foreign films for the inevitable sex and nudity, by all means give it a go. Lead actress Eva Green has the most fantastic set of breasts and we see everything we fantasise about doing to her being done.

It's the eve of the 1968 student riots in Paris and an American student (Pitt) living there befriends an eccentric brother and sister, moving into their house while their parents move away.

The brother and sister are apparently lovers, and the three sit around all day drinking wine, smoking dope and talking about movies - what many people (including Bertolucci, presumably) want to have done or indeed have done during their artistic formative years.

Things get more involved and desperate as the hero falls in love with the girl and the ties that bind threaten to strangle everyone as the riots break. Not much point and not as lushly shot as Stealing Beauty, but interesting enough to hold your notice.

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