Dreams Come True

Year: 1984
Studio: Troma
Director: Max Kalmanowicz
A tawdry, cheap, unattractive movie I finally watched after months of seeing it in the video shop and being drawn in by the drawing of the hot couple making out on the cover.

A guy discovers he can get out of bed and astral travel to have sex with another woman.

The special effects look like they've been drawn frame by frame by a six year old (the same effects shot is used about 17 times). At one point, on a date with the girl he doesn't want to be with, they speed the film up and put it to slapstick music to signify that he just wants it to be over. That's the extent of the imagination that's gone into the execution of the film.

It was a lot like a porn film - the people on the cover are so gorgeous and when you see them in real life they're just a pair of really feral skanks. The gap-tooth dork playing the lead must have been found by the producer in a truck stop.

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