Drillbit Taylor

Year: 2008
Studio: Paramount
Director: Steven Brill
Producer: Judd Apatow
Writer: Seth Rogen
Cast: Owen Wilson, David Koechner
Some actors continue to push themselves. Some do the equivalent of settling into a nice soft recliner and calling for the drinks waiter for the rest of their career.

After breaking onto the world stage from Wes Anderson's camp with the indie hit Bottle Rocket, we've had amusing cameos, the same surfer-dude shtick, and an endless string of stupid comedies like You Me and Dupree, less stupid comedies like The Wedding Crashers, and completely unfunny comedies like this dire mess.

Wilson's squarely in building blocks territory with this mash-up of Superbad and his other studio farces. He plays a homeless army veteran who cons high school three nerds into thinking he's a bodyguard after they try to hire help to stop the school bully picking on them.

Did you guess he'll come to realise he's made true friends and feel bad about lying to them? Or that the heroes will tell him to get lost and proceed to fight their own climactic battle with the bully? Or that some love interest will be involved for the dorkiest of them? Or that there'll be amusing set pieces like how he showers every morning at the free beach showers in full view of passing traffic?

If you've ever seen a studio comedy, you'll know the answer to all the above questions and you won't need to see this unfunny tosh.

It's amazing to consider it came from the Apatow camp, the source of the funniest comedy in the movies right now.

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