Dust off the Wings

The high point of an otherwise non-event film career for writer/director/star Rogers, Scientologist and real life hubby of co-star Ceberano.

Lee and Ward (playing Lee and Ward) trawl Bondi beach espousing their Aussie bloke philosophy of sinking piss and getting roots.

Lee's getting married (to a chick we never see full in the face - a shocking fault of editing, presumably), but the problem is, he still wants to root a lot.

He roots Kate Fischer, his fiance roots a friend of his (Ceberano's brother Phil), Ward roots everybody, a tosser comedian called Rash talks about rooting everybody, and by the time it's over you realise you've been had while waiting for another slice of filmed Australiana.

Cheaply shot on video, mostly adlibbed (by the looks of it) and with no point except to say what wankers young Australian men are.

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