East is East

Another marketing oddity where the trailer displayed a film that was full frontal comedy the whole way through, but where there's a genuine heart and social message. A half Pakistani/half English family living in England's north in the 1970's is a long jail sentence of culture clashes as the Paki Dad wants to bring his children up traditionally, to the kids' misery and their moderate Englishwoman Mum.

It was also marketed as the story of an unwanted arranged marriage, but encompasses a whole swathe of cultural differences that range from the funny to the hurtful and violent. You're unsure if it's trying to play the 'all Muslim's are traditionalist throwbacks hateful of our comparatively free society' or the 'they're a peaceful religion who must put up with a lot of debauchery and sin to assimilate', but the characters are realistic and human, the acting more than adequate and the dialogue great.

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