The Edge

Not the best or worst action drama of the year. Two good actors pit their wits against the elements, the occasionally shoddy script, and a bear whose place in the story you never work out - it seems to be just another obstacle for survival, then without warning it seems to be a man vs. bear tale.

A quiet, intelligent rich man (Hopkins), photographer (Baldwin), lackey (Pirrenau) and supermodel wife (Macpherson) are all on a photo shoot in the middle of Alaska. The three men are stranded after a plane crash, and the backdrop of Hopkins realising Baldwin intended to kill him because of an affair with the model wife supports an unexciting stranded adventure.

Hopkins' shtick that because he's well read he always knows what to do and what's going on gets a bit much, and as usual Macpherson can't act her way out of a wet paper bag.

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