Hailed as a sharp black comedy, which I suppose it was, and while the blackness everyone talked about was there, there seemed little point to it.

As Tracey Flick, Witherspoon is running as class president, and for reasons never fully explained, teacher Broderick wants to stop her. Her competitors are the football jock everyone loves, and his jealous, mousy sister (whose speech about how nobody cares in the institution of class president seems to make the rest of the movie irrelevant with its itself).

The plot deals with the shenanigans of all involved to further their own agendas, including Broderick of his home life and marriage.

A strange tale that seemed to have a misplaced sense of identity - it was either a teen comedy too smart for its own good or an adult movie with a big of American Pie thrown in.

Having said that, everything was well set up, including the performances. The dialogue was clever, the comedy mature, and it added up to more than the story it was trying to tell.

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